ATT Mol, Unparalleled Technologies in the Pumps for Precice Liquid Metering, Dispensing and Feeding

With our unique and implemental pump technology, we, ATT Mol, offer unprecedented products.

The products include “built-in type Micro Pump OEM Module” for precision liquid metering and dispensing, “High Pressure Metal Inert Pump” which realizes accurate and continuous large flow at high pressure yet in the metal inert condition and “Integrated Cascade Pump” which is equipped with 2 stage pumps in one body together with integrated degassing system then achieves very precise flow even at the small flow rate.

In both continuous flow pumps ,“High Pressure Metal Inert Pump” and "Cascade Pump", our own technology that compensates the pressure loss of the liquid and wet parts by inputting a parameter are embedded and the stable flow is guaranteed. Further, in the “High Pressure Metal Inert Pump” auto-tuning function are featured in addition to the manual parameters input, and allows the flow rate of 1% accuracy over the entire flow range dispite the large flow rate at the high-pressure condition.

Also, years of experience in developing advanced pump technologies of "High Quality HPLC Pump" and "Supercritical Fluid Pump and Control Devices" is engaged both in the selection of the materials, such as “chromium nitride coated SS plunger”, “Polyimide” and “Special Engineering Plastics”, and in the parts processing technics which greatly commit the accuracy and life of the pump. Those engineering expertise are giving exceptional flow accuracy, flow stability, high reproducibility and long life in all of our pumps.