Micro Pump OEM Module (TS-MP series)

写真 TS-MP series "Micro Pump OEM module" is a small size and high precision plunger pump adaptable to both liquid metering and dispensing application and continuous flow application.

The pump module with small size and light weight is a best choice for Clinical Test Instrument, Diagnostic Instrument, Analytical Instruments and Bio Research Instruments where high accuracy and high reproducibility is required.

By employing all moving parts with increased machining accuracy, 0.1235% CV values of reproducibility is guaranteed.

High Pressure Metal Inert Pump (MIFP series)

写真 MIFP Series "Precision Metal Inert Pump" is an unprecedented pump which realizes stable pulseless continuous flow at High-Pressure of 10MPa and High Flow Rate of 50mL/min under complete metal inert condition.

Those features are well adapted to a Ultra Fine Chemical Synthesis, Ultrasensitive Analisys and a high-tech manufacturing sectors such as Semi-Conductor and Sensitive Electronic Components where "long life", "high pressure" ,"high-purity", "high accuracy" and "stability" are essential.

As same as the another model with small flow "max pressure 15MPa and 2mL/min flow", the flow rate setting accuracy of 1% is guaranteed.

Integrated Cascade Pump (AT series)

写真 AT-Series "Integrated Cascade Pump" is a high precision micro pump which realized high accuracy but expensive two pumps cascade system by one pump by adopting two-stage coaxial plunger.

Together with the built-in pressure control valves and degassing mechanism, the function to compensate pressure loss of fluid by inputting parameters creates real pulsation-free and stable continuous flow even with a low boiling point liquid.

Sintered Stainless Steel Fiber Filter

写真 Ultra fine paper-like filter with sintered 1μm dia. stainless steel 316L fiber. Unlike conventional stainless steel powder sintered filter, by reducing the pore size and increasing porocity by means of multiple junction points of uniform extreamely fine fibers the ultra thin (50μm) filter achieves to trap size as small as 0.1μm and can perform precise microfilteration with extreamly small flow resistance.

Trap size 0.1μm to 200μm, filter element size up to 100mm sq. or dia.